3 - 5 June 2022
Sutton, MA



The Battle at Waters Farm will take place on this 120 acre farm in Sutton, Massachusetts. There is an original house built in 1757 on the property along with a Sugar Shack, Shingle Shack, Blacksmith Shop, and large barn for lectures and classes. There are several fields for battles, including a wooded trail. All of the typical amenities will be available. The site hosted our Military & Camp-follower Muster in 2020.

The event will not be a specific battle or year.

Camp kitchens will be available for both camps with a period cooking contest planned for Saturday.

Allied Forces
American Militia, Continental Regiments, French Regiments, and Native Forces are all welcome.

Crown Forces
British Regiments, German Regiments, Loyalist Regiments, and Native Forces loyal to the Crown are all welcome.



All registrations are subject to approvel by the host Regiments




Aerial View, Waters Farm, Sutton, MA